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Open Your Pineal Gland With This Common Household Product!

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posted on Jul, 27 2014 @ 07:10 AM
There is a substance that most of you are familiar with, and probably used in your daily lives at one time or another. We can use this substance to cleanse our system from all the toxic matter that attacks us daily. This substance is said to keep the pineal galnd opened, and helps open it if it’s blocked. This substance is called – IODINE!

Well, alrighty then!

No wonder I have had such strange experiences since my childhood! My mother used to put this on me every time I scraped a knee or elbow when I was growing up. At times I must have looked like I had been beaten up because of all the purple spots on me.

Maybe this helped to keep my pineal gland open? This would explain all my paranormal experiences, which the rest of my family didn’t encounter; they really thought I was weird. Now I can tell them it was all Mom’s fault.

Iodine is so strong it can take care of, and heal, and cure many dis-eases, many stresses, aid in a variety of ailments, and most importantly allow you to keep the connection to your true selves and to the divine, a substance that is a living physical manifestation of the violet flame.

The health benefits of iodine are so extensive, it’s startling! And, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), iodine deficiency is rising in America with estimates of over 2 billion at risk.
Severe deficiency can result in brain damage.

Over 1.5 billion people live in places where the soil is iodine deficient. This means 72% of global population is iodine deficient.

Health benefits of iodine include:

• Fluoride detoxification
• Improved cognitive functioning
• Improved metabolism because it helps the body bio synthesize food into usable nutrients
• Deficiency leaves thyroid gland susceptible to free radical exposure
• Balances hormones resulting in emotional balance (increased libido)
• Can improve fibrocystic breast disease
• Hair growth and hair color restored
• Increased energy
• Radiation protection
• Destroys pathogens, molds, fungi, parasites, and malaria
• Supports apoptosis (programmed cell death of unhealthy cells) to protect against cancer and facilitate youth
• Iodine removes toxic chemicals: Iodine can flush out chemical toxins like fluoride, lead, mercury, biological toxins and can even strengthen the immune system. It also prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

Here’s how to use it: According to the article, the amount should be around 1/8th of a teaspoon to 1/4 of a teaspoon per use.

First of all please use a 2% or 3% iodine solution that you can find in any health food store. Dab it on various part of your body for about a week. It usually takes 24 hours for it to get absorbed by your body. If it disappears from your skin in a matter of hours, it means that you were iodine deficient. This is GREAT for opening up your Pineal Gland!!! And hence opening up the channels of communication with the source. FOR EXTERNAL USE (safest way). Use this for 2 weeks. Start with dabbing just a little bit on a part of your body once a day. See how it is assimilating into your body. If you notice that the iodine has disappeared in a few hours rapidly, it means that you are very deficient. Please continue to do this for 2 weeks. Please be sure to use different spots on the body, as you don’t want to burn your skin. When you begin to see that iodine takes much longer to disappear, and then just leaves a brown spot, it means that you should stop using it. I usually do this every 2 – 3 months for 2 weeks straight. Make sure you’re not allergic to IODINE before you use it.

Iodine increases the production of thyroid hormone, which then increases all hormones in the body, including testosterone and adrenalin. In turn, the hormones affect our behavior, metabolism, and libido.

It is certainly important to keep the body as free from toxins as possible to have a healthy pineal gland. So if yours seems to be blocked, give this a try and see if it helps.…


*The information provided herein is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice, and should NOT serve as the basis for any medical decision by you. Anna Merkaba is not an M.D. or licensed medical professional. Please always consult your physician or any other medical professional before beginning any new healing treatments.

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How to Heal your Eyesight Naturally


How to Heal your Eyesight Naturally

16 CommentsI have alright eyes, although for many years I did wear glasses. Several years ago I began feeling as though I wanted my eyes to be better, and I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on laser surgery. So I began practicing healing my eyes with will alone, and some various ingredients that I had picked up along the way.

The basis is to recognize that all of the strain and stress in your eyes is not solely related to your eyes, but the stress that you are carrying around in your body, particularly in your face, which relates heavily to your brain as well. Beginning by realizing the stress in your face – and relaxing the muscles around your eyes is the first step of this, and understand that healing is a process which can take some time, especially if your external environment is a particularly stressful one.

Close your eyes gently and look into the sun absorbing the light (also while relaxing the muscles). This can facilitate a calm, warming soothing feeling across your whole face and even the rest of your body, and can greatly help relax :)

There is also food that is great for your eyes, such as Carrots, Eggs, and Almonds! (Just make sure it’s organic!)

So a few days ago I stumbled upon this video below and I got super excited about it! The results that i’ve had have been noticeable to me, but I had never been able to put it into words or describe it as i’m able to now.

Upon watching the video, I found myself pleasantly surprised.  This guy is a legitimate doctor, who has used a method from a “renegade optometrist” from about a hundred years ago who put together a solid formula for healing your eyes.

Everything he says really resonates with me, and I think even though there’s a lot more to it, it sounds a lot like what i’ve been practicing. For example, as I wrote earlier when I wake up in the morning I like to go outside and just close my eyes gently and stare into the sun. It not only helps my eyes wake up, but my whole mind wakes up! Not to mention, my eyes lose their “morning grogginess” completely, and my eyesight seems to be really great, much better than had if I did not do it. 

Likewise, the whole “don’t squint” thing is another practice, and it totally makes sense! Like, if you’re whole face is squinting and stressed out all of the time, then that’s constricting the way your face and head receives energy – both with light through our eyes, energy in our 3rd eyes, or smells through our noses.

And if there’s no more strain, then your brain, eyes, and facial muscles can all function with ease and clarity. Energy can flow smoothly, and it only makes sense that your eyes will naturally improve as well :)

For all of us with glasses, lets give these tips a practice and see how we do!