I am back!


After my divorce in 2012, I put all this on the back burner; only selling to existing customers and whatnot. I pretty much went OffGrid and packed everything away.

But now that I have helper who wants to help. Now that I am done paying child support and don’t have to drive truck over the road as much, I can start doing other things that I love.

Soon I will be taking orders again! I will work on a site that will list our inventory, and of course you can always put in an order as I have always done before. If I don’t have the product, I can acquire it fairly quickly; or most things that is. I still have my list of suppliers and now have a couple/few more. This website lists the main stuff that my main suppliers carried back in the day… again, I can get most anything.

If there are any blends you would like to see, please list them in the comment section below or contact us at www.DavidDavidAndDavid.com. Thanx! CainO’

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