My Arbonne testimony:

I have been an Arbonne Independence consultant, since 2007. Arbonne makes all natural Cosmetics, Skin Care and more. With the exception of the makeup; I don’t just sell the product, but I use the product as well. My Ex and I discovered them in 2007 and she wanted to sign up, I was skeptical for two reasons. They are a MLM company and she had following through issues. I did not want to invest in something that would go nowhere. She drilled me about not supporting her, and so we did it.

She used the products and had amazing result; I make a lot of my own stuff, but I do not make makeup. Arbonne is like an all natural Mary Key and one of the few lines of makeup I will endorse.

She ended up giving up and dropping out, after I have invested thousands of dollars into her business and signs a half dozen people up under her including myself. I stayed in mostly because of the product. I don’t promote it so much anymore myself, but I am open to people signing up under me so that I can promote them like I did my Ex. I don’t try and push the business side myself, but if you are interested in the product, contact me and I will take care of you. If you are interested in signing up and getting the discount, contact my up-line, Mary Hunzinger. If you are interested in the business, make sure you sign up under me and I will help to promote you and be your investor like I did for my Ex.

The problem with most people in MLM is, when they sign people up, they forget about them. You have to help your down-line, that is the only way to support the up-line. It’s suppose to be a two way street, otherwise it wont work.

Mary Hunzinger, Area Manager



I also do astrology, so I am learning how to find motivated people through their signs. Remember, we have more then just one sign. The sign most people are familiar with, is simply their Sun sign; you have many more signs in your Astrology Chart that make up who you are.


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