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I got into Alternative health in the early to mid 90’s. I cannot remember exactly when or how I got started, but three things I remember impacted my thinking and my journey. I stumbled upon a cassette tape titled, “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and that was maybe the first thing that truly got my attention. Martial Arts was another; I had been studying Martial Arts most my life, but in the 90’s I got into the art of Dim Mak. In Dim Mak they teach you the art of death touch; but before you can learn this, you must study the art of healing. I am still in the healing stage :) I never moved on from this area; I would rather heal then kill.

Around 1993, my 1st wife was a model and while waiting for her at one of the agencies down town Kansas City on the Plaza. Later after our divorce she moved to Arkansas and then after getting back together a few years later and moving back to Kansas City, she went back to try her chances in modeling again. While waiting on her in the waiting area, I was thumbing through theĀ plethora of magazines there. I found some of those cologne paper inserts in one of the magazines that I liked, so I put it on and I apparently had an allergic reaction because I broke out in hives. Went to an Herb Shop in Westport, down town KCMO; House Of Hezekiah. I asked if thee was an alternative for Colones and Perfumes? They of course said, “YES”; and lead me to the the Essential Oils section of the store. There were so many oils; I asked, “Which one do I choose”? So he told me that Patchouli was real popular in the 60’s, I smelled it, I liked it, and so I bought it.

I was working on the railroad at the time as a scab taxi driver and all the railroader said I stunk! I smelled like a dirty hippy! So I went back to the herb shop and told them of my experience and asked what I should do? The suggested blending it… So I asked; well, which one should I choose? That was the beginning of my journey in the aromatherapy business. I don’t remember which one came first, but Tea Tree and Lavender were the two I chose. My thinking was; I can smell good, be healthy and relaxed (stress free) all at the same time. :) So that was my first blend and I have been blending since. That was around 1996

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As of 2015 I am working on an Off Grid Dating site for those who are interested.

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