Coffee Salt Scrub

Coffee Salt ScrubLooking at spa website’s make my back ache (in need of a good rub), especially when you’re supposed to be writing a recipe not looking at spa treatments you can’t afford. My favorite thing to do is look at spa websites, something about them are so calming and soothing. Coffee Salt Scrub Coffee Salt Scrub
Being pampered is a dream come true for almost everyone, but at a spa it can be so expensive so let’s just turn are bath tubs into mini spa’s from time to time. Having a little me time is so important even if it’s just five minutes. No matter where in the world you are, take some time for yourself to smell some essential oils and just breathe. I can hear you saying “that’s not possible” so next time you’re in the shower or tub, stay a few extra minutes to smell your soap ( make sure it smells good) and just breathe. Coffee Salt Scrub Coffee Salt Scrub

Salt scrubs are defiantly a luxury at a spa and can cost a pretty penny especially when coffee grounds are involved. The Great thing about most spa scrubs you can make them at home; they will cost a fraction of what you would have spent on a jar of scrub online or at a spa.Coffee Salt Scrub

Coffee Salt Scrub Recipe:
1 ½ cup coarse sea salt
1 cup coffee grounds (dried)
1 cup oil (I used coconut)
5-15 drops of essential oils (I used lemon)

Recipe Directions: In a large bowl add coarse sea salt and coffee grounds and stir; place oil and essential oils into bowl and stir.  Store in air tight jar and use for those days when you need to need a good scrubbing.

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