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One thought on “Flavor & Fragrance

  1. JULIA

    We do highly appreciate your expressed interest in BUYing from the following products list:
    Essential Oils
    : Niaouli, . Ravensara aromatca, ; Ravintsara (Cinnamomum camphora), ; Ylang I, ; Ylang complete, 1; Ylang II, ; Ylang III, ; Cinnamon bark, , ; Calophyllum inophyllum, ; Saro (Cinnamosma fragrans), Bourbon Geranium essential oil
    Extracts: Vanilla Oleoresin (X30), 60Kg; Vanilla Oleoresin X20, 85Kg; No alcohol Vanilla Oleoresin X20, 50Kg; Vanilla Oleoresin X10, 170kg; Vanilla Absolute X20, 40Kg; Vanilla extracts (X1, X2, X3), 15 000 L; Cocoa oleoresin X20, 40 kg; Cocoa absolute X20, 40 kg. pink pepper absolute
    Vanilla beans : Black vanilla seeds 1000kg ;vanilla powder 1000kg
    Raw products: Cocoa beans, up to 22’225Kg (1FCL)
    FOB Price/Kg Antananarivo forwarded upon request.
    Many thanks for your attention to the present offer and your response.
    Kind regards,
    Julia Rajaonarison

    Immeuble IIG45 Antaninandro
    101 Antananarivo,MADAGASCAR


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