Attars – India

Agar Musk India
Bakul Attar India
Champa Attar India
Davana Attar India
Gulab Attar India
Jasmine Musk Attar India
Kadam Attar India
Kewra Attar India
Majmua Udd Attar India
Mehndi Attar India
Mitti Attar India
Motia India
Ruh Khus Attar India
Shammama Agar India

4 thoughts on “Attars – India

  1. Susan Farber

    I am a psychotherapist in private practice who uses aroma therapy as a treatment modality. In addition, I sell blend to other practitioners. Do you offer samples? I am also interested in wholesale? Thank you, Susan Farber

    1. CainO Post author

      I am sorry that it took so long to reply! I thought I had already, but I guess I did not. I went through a divorce and I am starting over. I am not set back up yet, but I have moved and am buying land so that I can get reestablished. I can send you a couple samples, I just need to know what ones you need. If I don’t have them in stock, I can get them. Once I get reestablished, I would look forward to working out distributorship with you. CainO’ 816.518.8804

  2. A. Singh

    Hi, I aswell would like to buy some of these but first try samples. Can you please mail me?

    Best regards,

    Mark Singh

    1. CainO Post author

      Sorry, Attars are too expensive to be giving out samples. I only have a couple in stock myself, I only order the more expensive products when my customers purchase them. New customers must pay up front, until a rappore has been established. Unless you are interested in becoming a distributor yourself, you may contact one of our current distributors at If you are interested in becoming a distributor, you can contact me here: Thank you so much, CainO’


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